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ダム日記218(行政圧迫推薦図書)←  1996年 11月 10日  →ダム日記220(民主主義と自然保護)

∞∞ダム日記219(RICE CAKE)∞∞



書き込みがすでにあるので(ニフティ上でGO HP→VYC00431→kitou95  #221)、
をお願いします。わたしゃ、とりあえずEarth Day News Japanに提供することに

==For press and those who have normal conscientiousness==

Who on the earth are CITIZENS?
And what is a CITIZEN HALL for ?
Please someone tell us!

As you see the translation of the formal rejection letter below written
by Okutsu Town Mayor and the Chief Member of the Okutsu Board of Educati
on, in Okayama Prefecture, Japan, the application for using the Citizen
Hall was rejected. The refused citizen group is against the Tomata Dam c
onstruction project planned by the Construction Ministry and Okayama Pre
fecture, for they claim that it has became socially unnecessary some 40
years after the project was planned. It is noteworthy that Kurashiki Cit
y, supposedly the biggest profiter withdrew from this water supplying pr
oject in 1984.

All they asked this time was to use the facility to have The Rice-Cake P
ounding Party to raise their moral! However this fun loving spirit was s
hattered by town administrators, Mayor and Chief Member of Board of Educ

This rejection was the second case that dam-construction-protest groups
were prevented from using citizen halls in Japan this year. The first ca
se took place in Oogaki City, Gifu Prefecture and was brought into court
by a group against the Tokuyama Dam project. The citizen group won the c
ase after two months in October.

Okutsu Board of Education Reference No. 839
November 8, 1996

To Mr. Takayuki Munemori
From Mamoru Ishida, Okutsu Town Mayor
          Minoru Okita, Chief Member of Okutsu Town Board of Education

[Regarding]    Rejection of using (former) Hisada Citizen Hall

[Note]    We do not accept your application for using the Citizen Hall
submitted on November 5, 1996.

[Reason]    Okutsu Town, signing the Basic Agreement on Tomata Dam Const
ruction Project with the Construction Ministry and Okayama Prefecture on
August 29, 1994, promotes "The Dam Construction Project and Okutsu Town
Promotion Policy" and tackles with promotion project for the town.
Therefore we can not provide the public facility to the party that dose
not suit the basic policy for Okutsu Town Promotion. Thank you for under

Now the rejected group is asking for your cooperation to send your objec
tions and protest messages to the responsible offices below.
Okutsu Town Board of Education
    TEL +81- 868-52-2921 Fax +81- 868-52-2305
Okutsu Town Hall
    TEL +81-868-52-2211 Fax +81-868-52-2003

Information supplied by "Nationwide Network for Water Resources Developm
ent Issue ", Tokyo, Japan (Translated by Atsuko Masano. For contact, e-